There’s some useful stuff for you!

NOTICE: some of them are paid services!

WeWork Pusher (PAID)

This API Service can send an announcement message to your WeWork Company group.
With this API you can ignore your access token for WeWork anymore.
The API system will take care of all the token's problems.

description and API document: LINK

request an API key: and pay the bill

Delay Mock API

This is an API can mock a delay of upstream API calls.
Because of the limit (10s max) of httpbin.org,
I made a new one for delay testing.
This API has no limit on delay timing.

description: LINK

IoT playground (PAID)

As you already know, the Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things developed by IBM Emerging Technology and the open-source community.
But the deployment and security are complex when multi-user in the same instance.
I make up a system for the user to using the power of Node-RED more easily.
You'll get an out of box IoT platform. After you signup the subscription, and you will not need to care about the user management or security anymore with my SaaS service.

please notice, there are some limit functions for now.
1) port 21 80 443 8080 8443 are disabled for using as inputs.
2) no file access on all the instances.
3) uptime is not guaranteed as the system is on an early stage (play as a toy).

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Netstat Monitor Service

This is a GUI monitor for network state on a Linux server.
Just like the command 'netstat -atnp',
it provides the network state in realtime,
and have a one-month log back.
We build a SaaS service for a to-go scenario.
It based on the Grafana/ InfluxDB/ Telegraf stack.
All you need is to install a Telegraf client and add the config info which our system generates for you.
Then just open the dashboard at 'grafana.api.zhis.ltd', and enjoy the convenience.

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